Few special fast food creations hold a candle to Burger King’s glory in terms of satisfying your burger cravings like the BK Double Stacker. At the end of the day, this sandwich pack is nothing short of sensational far more than a mere sanger for it drizzles flavor and texture heartily throughout every mouthful.

With an attractive proposition that will meet even the most demanding taste buds, whether you are a seasoned fan of burgers or simply looking for a great meal to share with others around anyone who’s tried it knows why Bk single stacker price holds such fond memories in every bite.

Made with your taste buds in mind, the Stacker is also build-tastic flame-grilled beef patties stacked up to bacon layers and are topped off by a slice of American cheese or smothered in zesty Stacker Sauce. So let us explore what makes the BK Double Stacker way too good not to floss your tastebuds, looking at distinct ingredients and delightful flavors that have everyone raving about it in the pool sea of fast food out there Whopper Jr price 2024.

A Deeper Look into The BK Double Stacker Burger

They thought about your craving for a burger that would be both deliciously satisfying and impossible to finish, the BK Double Stacker. The Stacker burger is served with bacon, cheese, and signature stacker sauce; two flame-grilled beef patties together in one stacked creation.

The double serving of the meat makes their biggest patty yet however this means your stacks are on point or are they? Together these flavors have made the Double Stacker one of Burger King Price List 2024 most popular back-pocket menu items.

BK Double Stacker: pure flavor in a single bite!

After your first bite into the BK Double Stacker, you’ll be hit by an amazing mosaic of flavors and textures that blend amazingly well together. The juicy yet crunchy beef patties taste deliciously smoky, while the crispy and flavorsome bacon adds a salty crunch.

It melts the American cheese into a gooey, creamy strip of flavor that brings home some nice richness to counterbalance all the protein you’re getting and coaxes out its mild farmhouse goodness while adding another tangy layer of dressing on top over everything provided by Stacker Sauce.

The sesame seed bun serves as a light and slightly nutty backbone that frames this symphony softly, making every morsel an utterly satisfying explosion of flavor.

How the BK Double Stacker Became a Fan Favorite For A Reason

Making its debut in 2006, the BK Double Stacker quickly became a popular choice for Burger King customers with bigger appetites but still craving an amazing-tasting burger. Image that the Double Stacker was based on a burger with as much beef and sauce as possible, ideally to feed hungry patrons.

Burger King’s ad dollars and satisfied customers spreading the word have helped make it popular over the years. The Double Stacker is heralded to this day by some as the greatest burger, due in large part to how good it tastes and because eating two patties will help force all that protein through your digestive tract before its empty stomach strikes back!

ItemDescriptionPrice (USD)
BK Double StackerTwo flame-grilled beef patties, crispy bacon, melted cheese, and Stacker Sauce on a bun$5.99
BK Double Stacker MealIncludes Double Stacker burger, medium fries, and a medium drink$8.99
Triple StackerThree flame-grilled beef patties, crispy bacon, melted cheese, and Stacker Sauce on a bun$7.49
Triple Stacker MealIncludes Triple Stacker burger, medium fries, and a medium drink$10
Add Extra BaconAdditional crispy bacon for your burger$1
Add Extra CheeseAdditional slice of melted American cheese$0.50
Upgrade to Large MealUpgrade your meal to include large fries and a large drink$1.50 extra
Add JalapeñosAdd spicy jalapeño slices to your burger$0.75
Stacker SauceExtra Stacker Sauce on the side$0.25

The Ingredients List of the BK Double Stacker Burger

To fully understand and savor the BK Double Stacker, you need to know what each ingredient brings to the table:

  1. Beef Patties: The heart of the Double Stacker, all-beef patties are flame-grilled for a smoky char that unmistakably screams ‘Burger King’.
  2. Bacon: My burger was topped with 3 slices of bacon and the crispy, salty experience added a nice crunch along with an extra layering of savoryness that permeated through each bite.
  3. American Cheese: the well-melted cheese gives an even creamier texture with a light, buttery flavor that dances beautifully alongside both beef and bacon.
  4. Stacker Sauce: A mayo-ketchup-mustard & spice mix that adds this tangy touch and a little kick to your stacking experience.
  5. Sesame Seed Bun: A soft but still sturdy!- bun that holds everything together and gives you a whisper of nuttiness from the sesame seeds.

BK Double Stacker: The Ultimate Taste

Sure enough, the BK Double Stacker performed like a burger peppered with flavor in our taste test. Every bit worked collectively to provide a creamy and sumptuous complete experience. The beef patties were moist and juicy, the bacon lent just the right crispy counterpart texture and the melted cheese added a creamy mouthfeel. The Stacker Sauce nailed to kick, with a fiery tang that permeated all moments of this burger. The Double Stacker as a whole story and hearty flavors were damn tasty.

Compare the BK Double Stacker to Other Fast Food Burgers

Comparatively speaking, the BK Double Stacker truly holds its own when it comes to other fast food burgers because of that unique mix and bold flavors. It offers plenty of high-quality ingredients in every bite, too; unlike some competitors that might cut corners on portions or lean heavily upon filler components, the Double Stacker feels like a genuinely complete sandwich.

The flame-grilled patties give it a unique flavor among most other chain burgers that are cooked on flat-top grills. Not Only That, But It Also Comes With The Zesty Stacker Sauce, Making For A Level Of Flavor Not Offered Elsewhere In Fast Food Land Where The Competition Is Coming For Burger King From All Sides.

Nutritional Information: BK Double Stacker From Burger King

Of course, the BK Double Stacker is super tasty but some important information to bear in mind. One of the typical Double Stackers has about 600 calories, and many of these come from fat as well as proteins. About 30 grams of fat, 15g saturated, and an estimated about 35 g of protein. It also has 1,200 milligrams of sodium per burger, a consideration if you are on a low-salt diet. Although it is a bit heavier than one might like, the Double Stacker provides a great source of protein which could be used in conjunction with your diet.

BK Double Stacker Tips You Need To Try

For more tips to maximize your BK Double Stacker experience, keep reading!

  1. Extra Bacon: A contrarian but always craving more savoriness and crunch will rejoice from extra slices of bacon.
  2. Make it Your Own: Ask for more Stacker Sauce or try a different sauce like BBQ or spicy mustard
  3. From Ordinary To Extraordinary: Upgrade your burger with toppings like lettuce, tomato, or pickle for freshness and a nice crunch.
  4. Toast the Bun: Requesting your bun be toasted well done will provide an additional element of texture and taste.
  5. Onion Rings: Instead of the regular fries, double stack your Double Stacker and onion rings on the side for a brilliant savory crunch.

Double Stacker Hacks: Burger Edition

Interested in more ways to customize your BK Double Stacker?

  1. Extra Cheese: A bonus slice of cheese makes this sandwich the ultimate comfort food.
  2. Spicy Jalapeños: Give the body of your burger a bit more spunk with some jalapenos.
  3. Breakfast Twist: Top with a fried egg and hash browns to create the ultimate breakfast burger.
  4. Mushroom and Swiss: Order up slices of Swiss cheese along with sautéed mushrooms to create a more upscale burger.
  5. Surf and Turf: Double Stacker Fish Fillet Patty

Burger Connoisseurs Need To Try The BK Double Stacker Burger

The BK Double Stacker is worth it for anyone who loves a good burger and does the right thing by having high-quality ingredients in an appropriate serving size. It’s a burger in the realm of fast food that doesn’t skimp on flavor or fullness.

Long-time Burger King fans and newcomers alike can dine with a very filling meal in the Double Stacker that would not disappoint. Come for that Stacker Sauce, stay for the perfectly cooked patties and crispy bacon this burger is impossible to beat if you’re in search of a delicious fast food sandwich.


What is a BK Double Stacker Burger?

Burger King: It has two flame-grilled beef patties topped with melted American cheese, crispy bacon, and stacked onion rings then drizzled with the brand’s Zesty Sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun; alongside fries.

How many calories are in a BK Double Stacker burger?

A typical BK Double Stacker burger has around 600 calories. This may differ a little depending on the toppings you add and if any special things are done to it.

What is Stacker Sauce?

Stacker Sauce is a special sauce that combines mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, and spice which adds tanginess and slight heat to the burger.

Do all Burger King locations serve the BK Double Stackerburger?

This is a BK Double Stacker burger, and while it may be found on many Burger King menus across the globe (probably), availability will vary by region or country. It is advised that you get in touch with your nearest Burger King outlet.

How does the BK Double Stacker compare to a normal Burger King burger?

The BK Double Stacker features double beef patties, crisp bacon, and a special Stack Sauce that distinguishes this item from other Burger King burgers (like the Whopper with its single beef patty and an abundance of vegetable toppings).

Are there different sizes for the BK Double Stacker burger?

It is usually a standard size for just one, or you can customize it with extra patties and other ingredients to make it bigger. For some localities, there might even be versions like the Triple Stacker.

BK Double Stacker burger nutritional facts?

The Bk Double Stacker Also Has 30 Grams Of Fat (15 Grams Saturated), 35 G. Protein, Fifty fastmofo Carbs To Go With More Than A Teaspoonful of salt-1,200 Mg! It Also Has Carbs From The Bun, And Of Course, Any Other Toppings You Add.

What sides go well with the BK Double Stacker burger?

Favorite accompaniments to the BK Double Stacker burger are likely French fries, onion rings mozzarella sticks as well dips of every kind. It can also be paired with a soda or milkshake to make it a meal.