The BK Single Stacker fills the perfect intersection of taste and ease for when you need a burger right now. Known for its simplicity, the Burger King whopper price has become a fan-favorite among seasoned and casual fast-food diners alike. Obscenity aside, if you’ve been going back to the BK Single Stacker since it was first introduced or have just discovered its tastiness,

it has become a fan favorite for those in search of something fast and downright dirty to munch on. Fortunately, in this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about the ingredients and nutrition of the BK Single Stacker It includes how you can customize it to your pleasure. Burger King menu ice cream to unmask the mysteries of this iconic burger and why it still thrills the children, young and old.

What is the BK Single Stacker?

burger king 2024 menu with prices is a straightforward, clean burger one beef patty layered with American cheese, and bacon and finished with a slap of Stacker sauce between two slices of sesame seed goodness.

What sets the BK Single Stacker apart is not one gimmicky feature or twist after another it’s just a burger that truly tastes like a classic burger, which will please an entire demographic swath of customers.

It’s ideal for someone who wants a simple, yummy burger without the fuss of other fancier burger choices.

Ingredients Breakdown: BK Single Stacker Ingredients

To fully appreciate the taste of a BK Single Stacker, one must first understand what it is made of. So, let us break down what is ultimately in this wildly successful burger:

Beef Patty

The core of the BK Single Stacker is the beef patty. This has been their modus operandi pure 100% beef, flame-grilled to perfection and they make no secret of it. Grilling gives Burger King’s burgers a unique signature taste of smoke.

American Cheese

Then a slice of melted American cheese is placed on top of the patty. The Melty Cheese: This creamy cheese contributes a velvety mouthfeel and a hint of live-culture tanginess that plays off the salty savoriness of the beef patty.


Layered over the cheese, you get crispy strips of bacon that give the burger a welcome crunch and smoky, salty flavor which elevates the flavor profile.

Stacker Sauce

That burger is then topped with a new Stacker sauce that owner Tom Ryan describes as both creamy and tangy-and the something that binds it to all of those flavors. The sauce is a combination of mayo and ketchup with a touch of mustard and spices, the recipe of which the duo will never reveal.

Sesame Seed Bun

These are all contained in a soft sesame seed bun. This bun is toasted on each side to give you a little crisp on the outside but when you bite into it, it’s soft and fluffy.

Burger King BK Single Stacker Nutritional Information

But it’s not just about how many calories are in the BK Single Stacker; you also will need to assess the macronutrients.

BK Single Stacker OptionsDescriptionPrice
BK Single StackerSingle beef patty, American cheese, bacon, Stacker sauce, sesame seed bun$3.49
BK Double StackerTwo beef patties, American cheese, bacon, Stacker sauce, sesame seed bun$4.99
BK Triple StackerThree beef patties, American cheese, bacon, Stacker sauce, sesame seed bun$6
Add Extra CheeseAdditional slice of American cheese$1
Add Extra BaconAdditional strips of bacon$1.00
Add Lettuce & TomatoFresh lettuce and tomato slices$0.75
Add Pickles & OnionsAdditional pickles and onions$0.50
Extra Stacker SauceExtra serving of Stacker sauce$0.30
Combo Meal (Single Stacker)BK Single Stacker, medium fries, medium drink$6.99
Combo Meal (Double Stacker)BK Double Stacker, medium fries, medium drink$8.49
Combo Meal (Triple Stacker)BK Triple Stacker, medium fries, medium drink$9.99
Calories and Macronutrients

At 350 calories for a BK Single Stacker, In a fast-food burger world, it’s relatively on the light side calorie-wise. The Breakdown of Nutrition here!

  • Amount per 1/4 cup – Total Fat: 21g (32%DV)
  • Saturated Fat, total 9 grams (45% daily value)
  • Cholesterol: 60 mg (20% of daily value)
  • The daily recommended value is 30% Sodium: 730 milligrams
  • Dietary Fiber: 13 grams (52% of the daily recommended value)Total Carbohydrates: 27 grams (9% of the daily recommended value)
  • Fiber: 1 gram (4 percent of the RDI)
  • Sugars: 7 grams
  • Protein: 16 grams
Vitamins and Minerals

The BK Single also offers a few nutrients like calcium, iron, and vitamin A, so it has at least some nutritional value in addition to providing calories.

Health Considerations

The BK Single Stacker can fit into an overall balanced diet if eaten in moderation but is also high in saturated fat and sodium. This has good implications for everyone, especially for those who are suffering from health disparities and those with hypertension and heart diseases.

First Impressions: The BK Single Stacker

A bite of a BK Single Stacker is the kind that many burger lovers long for from household. Those flavors share a harmonic relationship that is both flavorful and toothsome.

Flavor Profile

A flame-grilled hamburger patty supplies a hearty, smoky taste that yells Burger King. The combination of melty American and crispy bacon makes this burger a creamy, crunchy bacon-rich riptide.

The Stacker sauce had an overall tangy and creamy flavor which helped to compliment the flavor with a sesame seed bun which tasted a bit soft, nutty, and savory.


So texturally, the BK Single Stacker is a win. The patty is moist but not mushy, the cheese is gooey and melted, and the bacon is crispy.

The bun is soft but a tad crispy around the edges thanks to being toasted, providing just the right contrast in textures for every bite.

Fast Food Comparison: BK Single Stacker & Others

Of course, to enjoy the BK Single Stacker, it’s great if you can consider it relative to what it has to compete against its competitors of a quasi-similar nature at other fast food chains. Or how it compares to a few key rivals.

McDonald’s Cheeseburger

McDonald’s Cheeseburger 230 KcalClsic Rival. It also has a beef patty, American cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard-but not the bacon or Stacker sauce that are particular to the BK Single Stacker. plus the flame-grilled patty of the BK Single Stacker tastes great this way as well.

Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s

The thing is closer to Burger King’s Single Stacker if the latter came with bacon (as Wendy’s does in the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger). But one exception might be Wendy’s, which serves a square patty instead of a traditional circular one, and not everyone is a fan. The bacon and beef may taste and feel a bit different because Wendy’s cooked results vary from Burger King’s flame-grilling.

Five Guys Little Cheeseburger

Five Guys allows for a more customizable burger but its Little Cheeseburger simply lacks the smokiness and caramelisation that flames provide. Five Guys is also typically pricier, so from entirely a value perspective the BK Single Stacker wins.

How to Customize: The BK Single Stacker

Burger King introduced the BK Single Stacker, And one of the best aspects of this particular item is its versatility. The following are a few suggestions for making your burger just the way you want it:

Add Extra Toppings

Make a BK Single Stacker Even better with fresh, tasty lettuce and tomato or pickles/onions on the top. This will give you some freshness and extra crunch.

Swap the Bun

Try the burger on a sesame seed bun, or substitute it with another bun such as whole wheat (or even do it in lettuce for an ultra-low-carb option).

Extra Sauce

If you dig the Stacker sauce, feel free to ask for additional. And it can give your burger some added sauce.

Go Double or Triple

If just one patty isn’t cutting it, you can upgrade to a Double or Triple Stacker with two or three patties respectively. This is ideal for those who eat more.

History And Evolution Of The BK Single Stacker

The story of the BK Single Stacker speaks volumes about their dedication to a simple, yet fulfilling burger establishment.


Burger King launched its Stacker line of burgers in the mid-2000s as part of an effort to sell more premium, custom-made sandwiches. The idea behind the Single Stacker was to give creating a delicious burger experience something that was simple, but not without flavor for people who just wanted a good burger.


Since its launch, Double and Triple Stackers have been added to the Stacker lineup over the years for people who are not quite full enough or very hungry. But that iconic idea was married with what had to be a ridiculously high-quality beef patty, coupled with flavorful bacon strips overtopped off by its signature Stacker sauce.


Burger King often bills the Single Stacker as a no-frills, just-flavor sandwich. The flame-grilled patty and special sauce have been the focus of campaigns to pronounce it as different from other fast-food burgers.

The Ideal On-The-GO Burger: BK Single Stacker

Why the BK Single Stacker is a good fast-food option:


The BK Single Stacker is a fast food item, so it can be prepared in no time, which makes it ideal for anyone who needs to eat something quickly.


Being a Single Stacker, it is convenient to eat on the go. Perfect for lunch on the go during an active workday or a quick meal while you run errands, this burger is ideal.


Although the BK Single Stacker is very simple, it left me quite happy. This dish is full of flavors and textures which will leave you well satiated after your meal.

Related Reading: Customer Reviews Of The BK Single Stacker

Here are some golden nuggets from customer reviews to let you know what makes the BK Single Stacker so delicious.

Positive Reviews

Tastes great, Great Value The BK Single Stacker Key selling points are usually the flame-grilled beef patty as well as bacon, and Stacker sauce. The burger Does My Heat keeps reviewers can drive-through and sometimes the simplicity and reliability of a perfect choice for a meal on the go.

Constructive Criticism

However, a few customers complain about the lack of vegetables including lettuce and tomato for some freshness. However, others have said the burger is a bit salty, presumably from the bacon and Stacker sauce.

Overall Satisfaction

The BK Single Stacker is highly celebrated among Burger King enthusiasts. Flavor, convenience, and affordability make it a highly sought-after choice.


What is the BK Single Stacker?

The BK Single Stacker is a menu item from Burger King that contains one beef patty, American cheese, crispy bacon, and creamy Stacker sauce on a sesame seed bun.

What ingredients are in the BK Single Stacker?

Available in a flame-grilled beef patty, the BK Single Stacker features bacon strips and American cheese on top of it as well served with stacker sauce and a sesame seed bun.

Is the BK Single Stacker a healthy choice?

The BK Single Stacker Can Be a Part of A Balanced Diet; However, it is High in Saturated Fat and Sodium If you are vegan, or vegetarian it is important to keep a note on these things.

How does the BK Single Stacker Taste?

Featuring the savory taste of Burger King’s flame-grilled beef patty and bacon, combined with the rich creamy American cheese and Stacker sauce, it’s a smoky flavorful combination that is undeniably delicious. A soft, slightly nutty sesame seed bun.

Is The BK Single Stacker Customizable?

You can customize the BK Single Stacker with additional toppings as you would any other burger, such as lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions. You can also request additional Stacker sauce or for the bun to be changed with a whole wheat one or lettuce as a wrap.

Is the BK Single Stacker an effective fast food product?

The flame-grilled patty and signature Stacker sauce are what make it. It packs a bit of smokiness that other fast food burgers do not, topped with crispy bacon when many similar competitor makeups neglect to feature it.

How can you score the best deals on BK Single Stacker?

BK Single Stacker, watch Burger King’s website or their app for coupons and promotions that knock down its price even further sign up with your e-mail address and download themobileappto check if there are any freebies to score purchase it as part of combo meals when they pack in additional food at no extra charge along with itself, giving customers more bang for buck from said promotion be sure not only ask about current limited-time offer details while ordering cash register but also visit soon near the end of the day before such deal is over.

Is the BK Single Stacker available in all Burger King locations?

Availability of BK Single Stacker varies by location. The Impossible Whopper is not available in all stores, so to be on the safe side ask your local Burger King if they carry it.

What Allergens Are in the BK Single Stacker?

BK Single Stacker Contains dairy (American cheese), wheat (bun), and soy (Stacker sauce). Review the ingredient list for food allergies and allergen information.