Burger King Milk shakes! Dive right into a international of creamy bliss as we discover the tantalizing flavors and creamy textures that make those treats a fan favourite. From conventional chocolate and vanilla to modern twists like Oreo cookie shakes, Burger King gives you a milkshake revel in it’s positive to fulfill any craving. Join us as we delve into the delicious information of Burger King’s signature milk shakes.

Therefore infrequently surprising that rapid food companies now function milk shakes on their menus as they’ve long been a favorite among people of all ages. Then, permit’s look into.

Burger King Milkshakes

Yes, Burger King Has Milk shakes

Burger King gives milk shakes on their menu, that are frequently ordered by means of customers. There are five varieties to be had: Oreo cookie shake with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

Milkshake FlavorPrice
Chocolate Milkshake$4.09
Vanilla Milkshake$4.09
Strawberry Milkshake$4.09
Oreo Cookie Shake$4.29
Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake$4.29

Chocolate Milkshake:

Chocolate fans have fun! Burger King offers a wealthy and creamy chocolate milkshake as a way to fulfill your sweet teeth cravings. Rich, smooth chocolate For the chocolate milkshake, ice cream is applied. This smoothie is certain to thrill chocolate lovers. It is 588 calories in total.

Vanilla milkshake:

For people who pick a undying deal with, Burger King’s vanilla milkshake is a clean and comforting desire, perfect for any event. If you experience flavors which can be more traditional, the vanilla milkshake is a terrific choice. Since vanilla ice cream is used, it is trustworthy but scrumptious. You can add additions like chocolate syrup to further customize it. It is composed of 560 calories.

Strawberry milkshake:

Enjoy the taste of the summer season at Burger King when you drink the strawberry milkshake which is filled with the most delicious fruits and the coolest breeze. Try a strawberry twist in your milkshake for a great difference. Due to the use of actual strawberries and strawberry ice cream in the making of this shake, it tastes impeccable and goosebump boosting.It includes 610 power.

Oreo Cookie Shake:

For a lovely twist, try Burger King’s Oreo cookie shake, blending creamy vanilla with chunks of all of us’s favorite chocolate sandwich cookies. The Oreo Cookie Shake is considered one of BK’s maximum nicely-preferred drinks. Vanilla ice cream and Oreo cookie portions blend to create a deliciously creamy and crunchy blend. It consists of 636 energy.

Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake:

Go Oreo chocolate shakes crowned with whipped cream for an excellent greater high priced experience. A chocolate Oreo cookie shake is an choice in case you are to head for chocolate and Oreo cookies. Put it on this way, chocolate ice cream and Oreo cookie portions are blended ensuing in a mouth-watering dish.

What Milkshake Sizes Does Burger King Offer?

Burger King offers milk shakes in 3 sizes: starting from the small and medium size shops to cater for all, either as a quick snack or go for pleasure and satisfaction.

The table below lists the sizes of milks hakes that the restaurant serves.

Milkshake TypeRegular SizeLarge Size
Chocolate Milkshake16 oz20 oz
Vanilla Milkshake16 oz20 oz
Strawberry Milkshake16 oz20 oz
Oreo Cookie Shake16 oz20 oz
Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake16 oz20 oz

Can You Get Healthy Milk Shake At Burger King?

While Burger King milk shakes are undeniably delicious, they’re treats supposed to be enjoyed sparsely. With their wealthy components and extravagant flavors, they may now not be the healthiest desire for ordinary consumption.

Burger King milk shakes are made with actual milk and are available various flavors, so on the only hand, they fulfill your sweet teeth. However, if overindulged, they’re rich in calories, sugar, and fat and might cause weight gain as well as different fitness troubles.

Therefore, even if they may not be the healthiest beverage preference, Burger King milk shakes can be loved carefully as part of a balanced food regimen. Now permit’s observe the calorie rely of each Burger King milk shake.

Milkshake FlavorCalories
Chocolate Milkshake588 kcal
Vanilla Milkshake560 kcal
Strawberry Milkshake610 kcal
Oreo Cookie Shake636 kcal
Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake674 kcal

Which allergies are included in the milk shakes at Burger King?

Burger King milk shakes may comprise allergens inclusive of milk, soy, wheat, and tree nuts, relying on the taste and any greater mix-ins or toppings. It’s always fine to test the aspect list and consult with group of workers if you have any allergic reactions or dietary regulations.

These allergens are gift inside the components that pass into making the milk shakes. Burger King Menu advises consumers who’re lactose illiberal to stay far from their milk shakes on their website. They also mention that extra allergic reactions may come into contact with soy, wheat, and tree nuts when creating their milk shakes.

Burger King Milk Shake

Burger King gives five distinctive flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and chocolate Oreo milkshake. These smoothies flavor proper and feature a thick consistency. They are available a preferred clear plastic cup for packaging. These milk shakes are creamy and silky as properly. Check out what other reviewsers have to say about Burger King’s milk shakes.


Are milk shakes offered by Burger King on their menu?

No doubt, Burger King Milk Shakes takes pride on the milkshake flavors that it provides as it has got flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cookie.

Do Burgers King milk shakes use any special kind of milk?

Indeed, real milk and ice cream are used in Burger King milk shakes to make them exceptionally creamy and delicious.

Are Burger King milk shakes gluten-unfastened?

Unfortunately, Burger King milk shakes aren’t considered gluten-loose due to the opportunity of pass-infection with gluten-containing components within the kitchen.

How lots do Burger King milk shakes cost?

The value of Burger King milk shakes varies depending on the size and vicinity, however they typically variety from round $2.49 for a small to $4.99 for a large.