Burger King has been no stranger to pushing the limits of what fast food can be, with top-notch enjoyable new items on their menu time and again that not only tap into a wide spectrum of tastes but also stretch our understanding of the potentiality for a QSR. Enter the Burger King Single Stacker, Burger King’s newest sandwich, and one that all but guarantees a full-flavored bite every time.

It is built for simplicity, but without sacrificing flavor. Burger King Single Stacker What is it that sets the Single Stacker apart, learn what one-of-a-kind ingredients make up our Double Stacker Burger and the true tale behind its invention as well as why it might simply be your brand-new preferred burger in this article!

Whether you’re a frequent Bacon King guest or just someone looking to broaden their fast food horizon, the Single Stacker will be an instant game-changer to your diet. Burger King Single Stacker at Burger King menu prices 2024 has everything there is to know.

Single Stacker Burger Features

The Single Stacker Burger has a unique combination of tastes and ingredients that sets it apart, providing the heft and flavor fast-food burger fans crave. The new Burger King Single Stacker Burger is different from the norm, it features a distinctive stacking structure that builds up rich flavors on soft buns to guarantee full of taste & enjoy biting in every mouthful. In this post, we are going to discuss Single Stacker Burger: what it is made of the nutritional information ordering process customer reviews historical significance comparison with other Burger King Single Stacker items, and more.

Ingredients in the Single Stacker Burger

Comprising premium ingredients sourced from only the finest suppliers, Burger King Single Stacker Burger strikes a perfect balance between taste, quality, and indulgence. Often, this burger boasts a flame-grilled beef patty which is known for its smoky flavor and juicy bite.

The patty is topped with melted slices of American cheese, which gives a nice creamy flavor that works well with the savory beef. Its flavor profile is enhanced with crispy bacon strips, which add a crunchy texture and signature smokiness to the burger.

In addition, the burger features Burger King’s Stacker Sauce a creamy and tangy sauce that complements the overall flavor profile with its one-of-a-kind mix of seasonings. These ingredients are nestled between two pillowy sesame seed buns, giving a soft texture that says beautifully with the delicious bite of all the other great treats inside.

These ingredients are all incredibly telegraphed but together each one is incorporated into the Single Stacker Burger in such a way that the burger manages to both be an exceptionally cohesive eating proposition and surprisingly one of the most innovative selections on this year’s Burger King Single Stacker.

ItemPrice (USD)
Single Stacker Burger$4.99
Single Stacker Meal$6.99
Single Stacker Combo$8.49
Double Stacker Burger$6.49
Triple Stacker Burger$7.99

Single Stacker Burger Nutrition Info

When eating out, health-conscious consumers need to be aware of the nutritional value of the Burger King Single Stacker. The following nutritional value can vary slightly based on the ingredients used and portion size, but generally, a Single Stacker Burger is comprised of essential nutrients and calories. As with most things from the drive-thru, enjoy 20-piece popcorn nuggets for what they are a treat, you know, maybe don’t do that all the time:

  • Calories: 600-700 calories per serving.
  • Fat: 40-50g, with the saturated version making up a large share.
  • Protein: About 25-30 grams, most of which came from the beef patty and cheese.
  • Carbohydrates: 35-40g, mostly from the burger bun and sauce
  • Sodium: A little sodium, indicates how foods were prepared.

The Burger King Single Stacker would be a full meal itself but diners should watch other meal choices and opt for lighter sides or drinks to balance out their dietary needs.

Single Stacker Burger at Burger King

You will not have to go through a great deal of services while ordering this Single Stacker Burger at Burger King. Available in restaurants, through the drive-thru, and as part of McDelivery, customers can expect a convenient, buttoned-up ordering experience for their favorite menu item. Burger King Single Stacker Ordering Info:

  1. The Store: Go to the cash register, or do it yourself using some of their automated rapid order machines. Browse through the menu and click on Burgers, the item will have its area next to a few more mouth-watering options.
  2. Drive-Thru: Please speak to our friendly crew via the drive-thru ordering system. Just let them know you’d like a Burger King Single Stacker with your toppings, etc.
  3. Delivery: Use the official Burger King app and delivery platform of your choice. Simply choose Single Stacker Burger from the menu and order with a breeze

After ordering, the Burger King staff will be making your Burger King Single Stacker fresh and hot so you can enjoy it! Additionally, customers also have the option to make a custom burger by adding more fillings or amendments of their own to make an overall richer dining experience.

Single Stacker Burger Reviews and Customer Reactions

Customer reviews of Burger King Single Stacker form a great base to understand customers’ feedback. The popularity of Tails among users is highlighted by several aspects that are quite well discussed throughout various platforms and forums.

  • Taste & Flavor: The rich flavor of the fire-grilled beef along with cheese, crunchy bacon…
  • Texture: The delightful tenderness of a beef patty contrasting with the crispness of bacon and soft bun is an experience that is usually missing in eating.
  • Satisfaction: The Single Stacker Burger is one of those burgers that should fill you immediately, so if this satisfies your hunger level it could be a temptation.
  • Source Value for Money: The generous servings and quality of ingredients lead many reviewers to praise the Burger King Single Stacker as an excellent value for money.

What’s more, customer responses reinforce exactly how formationally tight and rewarding it is for rank and file to go get the burger at various places from Burger King, as an actual Vaudeville act-directed play, of course almost everyone at Berkley has next to nothing skateboard projects ever anyone else who was part less stellar.

The Stacker Burgers of Burger King through the years

The Single Stacker is a direct descendant of Burger King’s tradition of creativity and innovation in the kitchen. Originally only one of the iterations that Burger King made to appeal to more modern consumer wants and needs, the Stacker Burgers collection has grown into something of a landmark within the fast food industry. The Burger King Single Stacker is a prime example, drawing from our time-loved burger concept but updated with the philosophy good ingredients make a grand taste!

The Stacker Burgers range has seen several variations and offerings over the years with slight spins on the initial idea. In addition to the culinary creativity that these innovations exhibit, they also cater to diverse consumer demand for novel dining experiences by celebrating all things in Bean Town.

Single Stacker Burger vs Other Burger King Burgers

Burger King differentiates its Burger King Single Stacker in a highly competitive fast-food landscape through ingredients that are unique and marry flavors that consumers might not yet expect, compared to other menu offerings. Despite traditional favorites like the Whopper still being popular options, the Single Stacker Burger is consistent because of its innovation in stacking and high-quality provisions. Here’s how it compares:

  • Taste: Take the burgers layered approach where a springy stack of beef patty, cheese, bacon, and topped with Stacker Sauce kind of flavor profile firewall from flame-grilled Whopper.
  • Size and Portion: While the Burger King Single Stacker is comparable in size to other premium burgers on the menu, the order of operation with ingredients provides a texture unlike any other eating experience.
  • Customization Options: This Single Stacker Burger can be enjoyed as is, or modified with toppings picked from the rest of the Burger King lineup.

Burger King has a wide selection of burgers to offer so that it can satisfy the various tastes and choices of anyone craving a good burger.

Time Offers and Single Stacker Burger Differences

From time to time, Burger King presents new limited-time offers and special varieties of the Burger King Single Stacker to introduce different flavors for customers. These frequently incorporate seasonal ingredients, interesting sauces, or unconventional pairings tailored to excite consumers and showcase culinary imagination. Past Examples of Variations.

  • Spicy Single Stacker: Spiced up with spicy seasonings or pepper jack cheese for an additional note of heat.
  • BBQ Bacon Single Stacker: With a smoky barbecue sauce and more bacon strips for extra taste.
  • Double Stacker: For a full-course meal, two beef patties and cheese.

These variations not only present the flexibility of Burger King but additionally allow the customers to enjoy new pairings and textures without altering the Burger King Single Stacker theme.

Single Stacker Burger at Burger King

The Single Stacker Burger from Burger King can now be found at participating BK locations throughout the United States and in markets around the globe. Burger King, a reliable option regardless of where you are or how far along you are in your journey, can always provide the grilled beef luxury that is the Single Stacker Burger. Click here to find Burger King Single Stacker near you.

  • Official Website: For More Visit the Burger King Restaurant Locator Tool On The Official Website Type in your address details to find the closest Burger King stores where this deal will be available.
  • Burger King Mobile App: Download the Burger King mobile app to browse through the menu, place an order, and access location-based services to locate the nearest Burger King near you.

Common third-party food delivery services frequently have Burger King among the list of restaurants available to you, which means you can also eat your Burger King Single Stacker Burger right from home or at work.


What is Burger King’s Single Stacker Burger?

Single Stacker Burger is a stacking kind of menu from Burger King. The signature stack usually consists of a flame-grilled beef patty, melted American cheese, crispy bacon, and Stacker Sauce and is served between sesame seed buns.

What are the ingredients in Burger King’s Single Stacker Burger?

The Single Stacker Burger comes with a flame-grilled beef patty, melted American cheese, two bacon strips, Stacker Sauce (a mix of condiments and spices), and toasted sesame seed buns.

How many calories are in a Single Stacker Burger?

One Single Stacker Burger pile as high as 600-700 calories, contingent upon particular elements and segment sizes.

Does the Single Stacker Burger come with any side items?

The Burger King Single Stacker isn’t usually available alone. There are optional side items including fries, onion rings, or a beverage all of which can be included for an additional charge.

Can I customize the Single Stacker Burger?

Press Yes, Burger King has the best customization feature in their menu items and one of them is the Single Stacker Burger. Patrons have the option to customize their orders, such as adding more toppings, leaving off certain items, or getting extra sauces on the sides.

Single Stacker Burger is available all the time?

The Burger King Single Stacker, for instance, is usually a Burger King menu staple year in and year out. But, it may not be available in all locations and sometimes Burger King rolls out a limited-time version or promotion involving the Single Stacker burger.

How Much Does a Single Stacker Burger Cost?

These prices are the base price and have not been adjusted to include any promotions or increased cost of the product due to location. The fact that it is priced quite rationally when compared to the other premium burger offerings on Burger King’s menu.

Where can I find the nearest Burger King offering the Single Stacker Burger?

To find out where the Single Stacker Burger is available, visit the link provided above next to national availability, and check at website and mobile apps. An easy-to-use restaurant locator tool helps the customers in locating nearby venues which ensures maximum customer comfort.

What are inclusions unique to Single Stacker Burger, Not in other Burgers of Burger King?

The sandwich of the Single Stacker Burger is created by a one-off stack, along with all stacked and minced with flour formidable among some buns. Featuring a flame-grilled beef patty, melted cheese, crispy bacon, and Stacker sauce you can enjoy the all-in-one flavor experience.

Are there any special promotions or limited-time offers for the Single Stacker Burger?

From time to time, Burger King will run special promotions or limited-time offers featuring different preparations of the Single Stacker Burger. Most sauces, other toppings, or seasonal ingredients) designed to offer customers novel tastes to explore.