Let’s begin our Burger King Ice Cream handbook! Let’s be getting ready to get your taste buds tingling and keen to experience some mains and delectable delights from around the world.

Only with Burger King ice cream, you can enjoy the most delicious ice crèmes. Choose between ice-cream cones, sundaes and other whole range of our rich, mouthwatering frozen treats to indulge in your ice-cream cravings. Try out our menu an have the most thrilling ice cream experience at Burger King today.

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There are patterns of burger king ice cream sales that vary depending on the place where Burger King is located. Various different flavors, such as caramel soft serve or chocolate soft serve, are offered in different outlets. Make use of the local BK menu to figure out what kinds of burgers are on offer.

In this article you will learn about Burger king ice cream flavors, ingredients, and just how much goes in to make the confection. Wait, before we move on.

Undoubtedly, Burger King has ice cream on its menu

Burger King Menu, a world famous burger house, comprises its dessert menu of irresistible Burger King ice cream ice cream items which will surely make your taste buds happy. Whether it is a soft serve or a sundae, the Burger King ice cream menu, the hidden treasure, is worth to be discovered.

The strawberry soft serve is tender, rich, creamy and with the velvety texture. Soft serves are available in three flavors: caramel, chocolate and vanilla.

Menu ItemsPrice
Vanilla Soft Serve Cup$ 1
Chocolate Soft Serve Cup$ 1.89
Caramel Soft Serve Cup$ 1.89
Strawberry Soft Serve Cup$ 1.89
Vanilla Soft Serve Cone$ 1
Hershey’s Sundae Pie$ 2.59

Burger King Soft Serve Flavors

Vanilla Soft Serve

For the chocolate lovers, Chocolate Soft Serve is a luxuriant melange of rich cocoa rapture with a decadent twist on a regular soft serve. Lovers must be ready to enjoy the soft serve chocolate. It is a flavor of chocolate that will surely melt and warm your heart. Cacao powder gives a real chocolaty taste. The creaminess is due to the fact that fresh milk and cream is being used.

This flavor is sweet and clearly vanilla-flavored. This soft serve dessert is also extremely silky, with no frostiness or gritty texture.

Chocolate Soft Serve

It is for chocolate lovers that chocolate soft serve is a luscious swirl of pure cocoa texture, a decadent version of the classic soft serve experience. Lovers are definitely recommended to get a taste of the melting chocolate suggests. This yummy chocolate taste is guaranteed to melt your heart. Real cocoa per se adds a deep chocolate flavor. Creaminess comes by mixing milk and cream that are fresh.

Caramel Soft Serve

Envelop yourself in the enchanting sweetness of the Caramel Soft Serve, a blend of silky caramel and velvety ice cream for only a pleasure that pleases your taste buds. Caramel soft serve at Burger King ice cream is quite rare. Such taste is like butter and caramel. Burger king’s caramel soft serve does not contain excessive sugar. This would not be a sickeningly sweet caramel dessert.

Burger King Korea’s Truffle Honey Ice Cream

Embark on a unique flavor journey with Burger King Korea’s Truffle Honey Ice Cream, a sophisticated blend of truffle essence and sweet honey. This truffle honey ice cream is yet another Burger King Korea innovation. Soft, honey-topped truffle ice cream. Light and creamy ice cream. Honey enhances the truffle oil’s earthy flavor.

Brazil’s Dulce De Leche Sundae

In Brazil, Burger King offers you a wonderful Dulce De Leche Sundae full of the original caramel sweet that has been the love of millions of Latin Americans for a long time. We recommend you consider the great burger King’s Dulce de Leche Sundae if you spending your day in Brazil. It is a perfect dessert to combine the sweet with the salty flavors of its creamy dulce de leche soft serve, drizzled with dulce de leche syrup and with some crunchy peanut pieces.

New Zealand’s Kiwi Crunch Sundae

Get a kick of freshness with a great fusion of the sour kiwis and creamy ice cream, with the Kiwi Crunch Sundae from New Zealand. The Sundae Kiwi Crunch contains a suave kiwi sauce with the cookie crumbles on top of the creamy vanilla base. When you take a bite of it, you experience both the crunchy texture and the soft, creamy flavor.You’ll recall the texture.

The kiwifruit sauce is an excellent component. It’s made with real New Zealand kiwifruit, which gives it a fresh, tangy flavor that matches the creamy ice cream perfectly.

New Zealand’s Cookies And Cream Sundae

Feast your mouth with the Cookie and Cream Sundae on New Zealand, a perfect blending of crunchy biscuits and fluffy creamy ice cream.

Cookie and cream sundae from Burger King is an awesome dessert that has a rich and thick soft-serve topping which create a banquet of chocolate, caramel, or strawberry sauce. French fries are completed with Hershey’s chocolate biscuit chips.

New Zealand’s King Fusion Jelly Choc Blitz

For a playful twist, try New Zealand’s King Fusion Jelly Choc Blitz, a whimsical blend of jelly and chocolate in a fusion of delightful flavors. Jelly Choc Blitz Fusion is a renowned dessert that is highly liked among the Kiwis. On the top, there stands a layer of smooth, soft-serve ice cream, whose sweet sour note of raspberry jam is completed by a rich and decadent chocolate sauce. It further has a chocolate beard sauce that is poured as well.

New Zealand’s King Fusion Peach Orbz

Savor the sweetness of New Zealand’s King Fusion Peach Orbz, a delectable combination of juicy peaches and creamy ice cream. Peach orbs, another taste master fusion from Burger Master, make a delicious dessert. The soft serve is topped with fruit-flavored balls that explode with flavor. This sweet can be made with raspberry or peach orbz.

The texture is pretty different, and the Orbz candy pieces add a nice crunch to the soft serve. The velvety texture of the soft serve, along with the crunchiness of the balls, results in a delectable delicacy.

New Zealand’s King Fusion Raspberry Orbz

Experience a burst of berry bliss with New Zealand’s exclusive King Fusion Raspberry Orbz, a delightful marriage of raspberries and creamy ice cream.

Burger King’s fusion raspberry spheres are available throughout New Zealand. This amazing dessert is made of soft custard ice cream with chewy berry balls that release pure flavor in every bite you take. She can garnish her soft serve either with the sweet raspberry or the lovely peach.

Bahamas’ Chocolate Fudge Sundae

The Bahamas await as you take a bite into the decadent Chocolate Fudge Sundae, blending the richness of fudge with soft serve in a tropical dessert at Burger King.

If you’re staying in the Bahamas, cold and creamy soft serve with a chocolate fudge swirl is your best bet at Burger King. It’s a bespoke chocolate fudge sundae that complements the creamy vanilla serve. It tastes very different after adding the chocolate fudge sauce. It gives the dish a nice and deep flavor. Other countries, like as Fiji, also provide the dessert.

Pennsylvania’s Oreo Brownie Sundae

The Pennsylvania Oreo Brownie Sundae is the mixing of crunchy Oreo crumbs and melted brownie bites into a Burger King sundae.

Cool and smooth the ice cream of the Oreo brownies sundae is from Pennsylvania. Chocolate fudge swirl is placed in between the soft serve vanilla scoops. It is a build your own menu option that has an Oreo brownie with chocolate sauce as a topping. The stand out texture offers the perfect cohesion of creamy, crispy, and chompy in every bite. If you are a fan of Oreo cookies, you really should have this desert.

Cyprus’s Oreo Fusion Sundae

Here at Burger King Cyprus we prepare for you a delicious Burger King ice cream ice cream with a double amount of chocolate fudge sauce and real Oreo cookies bits.

It could be viewed to be the best connotation to an Oreos-like soft serve because it lacks the excessively sugar element consequently its creamy and thick.

Does the ice cream at Burger King contain real milk?

Burger King ice cream typically contains real milk, contributing to its creamy texture and classic flavor. However, ingredient composition may vary by region.

Burger King ice cream does include natural milk. One of the products that fast-food company offers has milk, sugar, cream and other ingredients as its main components. BK’s soft serve ice cream is some stapled real dairy products. This is owing to the richer, creamier flavor and texture they provide.

What Burger King Ice Cream Sizes Are Offered?

Burger King offers various ice cream sizes, including small, medium, and large, providing options to suit different cravings and preferences.

Ice cream orders in Burger King give customers an opportunity to choose between flavors and presentation options. The customers who want to drink from a cup will probably get 4 ounce serving and regardless of the locations across the brand, there may be slightly random variations, but the cones will remain the same size.

At Burger King, a Sundae for this group would be much heavier than a pound. This is for those persons who want a larger dish of Burger King ice cream to eat. Visit the official website: bk.com


What Burger King ice cream sizes are offered?

At Burger King, they offer any Burger King ice cream ice cream size from single to even the most lavish sundaes, this way different preferences and fancies are catered for.

Are the pints of ice cream at Burger King made with genuine cow milk?

Yes, the ice cream at Burger King is prepared with the use of quality milk that ensures it not only looks delicious but tastes it, as well.

Is Burger King ice cream made from real Sesame?

The Burger King ice cream is made from real milk which is to bring a creamy taste and a delicious feel in every scoop.

What is the variety of ice cream sizes at the Burger King?

The cafe sells a variety of Burger King ice cream which is ranging from small cones to larger sundaes, allowing the customers to have the flavour they prefer and the size they crave.

Can Burger King ice cream be taken by a person with lactose intolerance?

The ice cream of Burger King might not be suitable for people who are having lactose intolerance due of their being of dairy product only. But some other options may also be available.