Burger King beverage menu features sodas, coffee, tea, fruit juices, shakes, and frozen drinks. The Burger King Drinks Menu is available in a range of options for flavors and sizes. Their coffee menu then includes ice coffee, decaf options, and coffee samples of various flavors. The juices are priced at $2-$3.
In the late 1950s when Burger King introduced drinks to their menu, they only sold sodas like Coke and Fanta as well as milkshakes such as chocolate or strawberry milkshakes.

Over the years, they have extended their beverage range. Interested in the history of Burger King? All you need to do is click here. Guests can choose from a variety of meal choices in addition to drinks at Burger King.

Burger King Drinks Menu With Prices


Burger King Drinks Menu
Price – $ 2.79

A longtime classic, Coke is the one of the bubbling drinks on the menu. Offering the same old taste you are used to at a reasonable price makes it the best available option for those who want to feel content.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Price – $ 2.79

For calorie-conscious enthusiasts, the Coke experience without the guilt. Dive into the same rich taste Coca-Cola with zero sugar – a guilt-free pleasure in every sip.

Sprite Zero

Price – $ 2.79

Sprite Zero is a very light and fresh drink that sings fluently on the palate, without the extra calories. A perfect choice for people who love fizzy drinks and want the freshness of lemony-lime.

Orange Juice

Price – $ 2.39

If you are planning to have some citrus paradise alongside your fast food Burger King Drinks Menu, your thirst will be quenched by the Orange Juice on the Drinks Menu. Packed with refreshing goodness, this classic beverage.

Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake

Price – $ 3.79
Price – $ 3.79

The dessert in a cup, it is a shake for all the chocoholics. Bringing an explosion of chocolate flavor into a sip of Chocolate Oreo Cookie Shake – it’s a little indulgence worth every sip.

Chocolate Shake

Price – $ 3.79

Simple and gratifying, the Chocolate Shake being a standard choice makes this for the crowd who enjoy the authentic bliss with the unadulterated chocolate flavor.

Unsweetened Iced Tea

Price – $ 2.79

A drink of something refreshing and unusually sophisticated for the moment, the unsweetened Iced Tea gives a crisp and soothing alternative to all the sweet snacks.

Dr. Pepper

Price – $ 2.79

The bold and unique flavor of Dr. Pepper stands out, providing a distinct taste that elevates the entire drinking experience.

BK Cafe

Price – $ 1.89

Coffee drinking becomes a new adventure with BK Cafe, a premium coffee range for coffee lovers, proving an intense and aromatic journey for every cup.

Does Burger King Drinks Menu have $1 soda?

One of the big debates among Burger King Drinks Menu fans is whether the restaurant actually serves $1 drinks. The answer is both yes and no. While Burger King Drinks Menuoffers beverages, they may not always be priced at $1. The availability of $1 drink discounts may differ depending on the area and current marketing efforts. Some locations may have limited-time promotions with $1 sodas, while others may have alternative beverage bargains. In the case if you’re traveling on a budget and want to grab a soda at a dollar discount, go and check your nearest Burger King Drinks Menu to find out maybe they’re offering this deal now.

Is it unlimited drinks in Burger King?

When guests come inside a Burger King Drinks Menu, they immediately are surrounded by the delicious smell of flame-grilled burgers, the fizzing sound from a soda machine, and are welcomed in to a bright and clean looking restaurant. This intrigue is heightened when self-service drink counters are set up, and everyone starts to wonder which Burger King Drinks Menu they would like as they now have an endless amount of choice. People have discussed the idea that Burger King serves unlimited drinks for many years.

Does Burger King Have Deals On Their Drinks?

On a menu with thirst-quenching drinks like soft drinks, iced tea, and cold sweets like milkshakes and smoothes, it becomes apparent that customers wonder if Burger King Drinks Menu also offers any discount on these tasty drinks. Aiming at the great bargains and discounts fast-food company has for its devoted consumers, let’s take a look at it.

Burger King’s Daily Drink Specials

Burger King frequently has drink specials, which are offered every day to provide choices for a large audience. Customers can enjoy most of their most loved drinks with a discount prices on different days of the week like carbonated and iced tea beverages. Be on the lookout for those discounts so you can make your visits at the right time to benefit from the best deals possible.

The King’s Thirsty Crown

The loyal customers of Burger King Drinks Menu will find a very attractive way to save on drinks via the program The King’s Thirsty Crown. Club former members have the privilege of getting special promotions, coupons, and drinks of various kind on a regular basis. Whether you are a fan of the basic cola or a box of delicious milkshake the King’s Thirsty Crown will quench your thirst happiness.

Combo Meal Offers

Burger King Drinks Menu often sells combination meals with drinks that are added free of charge as additional incentives to clients. In addition to receiving an iconic burger or sandwich, when you choose a combo meal, you also get your choice of drink. That is how you can have your favorite meal by still drinking something light without depleting your budget.

Seasonal and Limited-Time Promotions

Throughout the year, Burger King Drinks Menu offers seasonal and limited-time promotions. These promotions frequently involve unique beverages that are appropriate for various times of year. Whether it’s a festive Christmas drink or a summer-inspired smoothie, these limited-time offers are worth sampling while supplies last.

Burger King App Exclusive Deals

Customers who are tech-savvy can enjoy exclusive discounts and savings via the Burger King mobile app. This software is essential for any Burger King customer looking to save money. It routinely offers discounts on drinks and other menu items.

Happy Hour Deals

Looking to unwind after a long day or have a fast afternoon snack? Burger King’s Happy Hour specials could be just what you need. During certain hours, the restaurant provides cheap drinks, making it an ideal time to visit and enjoy your favorite beverage at a lower cost.

Does Burger King Introduce Seasonal Drinks?

Yes, Burger King Drinks Menu introduces seasonal drinks to cater to diverse tastes and preferences at specific periods of the year. Bringing the seasonal drinks to their menus causes the customers to try new tastes and combine them in such a way that make them feel the season, which is the same thing that is provided by the season itself.

During the summer, I may come across the sweet and fruitful tastes of drinks such as the tropical smoothies, lemonades and iced teas which are good choices to quench the thirst. This is the best choice for people who often feel thirsty due to climatic changes, and their taste buds need something cold and tasty.

In the fall, the Burger King Drinks Menu can feature warm and comfortable treats such as pumpkin spice lattes or caramel apple shakes which are similar to the autumnal season and go perfectly with their famous burgers and fries.

Does Burger King have a value drink?

Indeed, Burger King reveals a discount drink choice on its menu. Those customers who want to enjoy a cup of cool beverage without paying too much may buy the offer drink instead. Those who want to make savings but still taste their favorite drinks will highly find this a very attractive choice.

The common value drinks these days are the soft drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks that are found in ounce sizes determined by how thirsty people are. It’s a thrifty choice for budget-conscious individuals or, in some cases, part of a combo meal arrangement.

The combo meal, including the option of a value drink, will not only give you an enjoyable meal but also a bill that is easy on the pocket. Whether you want a basic cola or a tangy lemonade.

Does Burger King Have Drinks On Their Dollar Menu?

Yes, Burger King serves drinks on their Dollar Menu! You can satisfy your thirst for less than $1 by choosing from a range of chilled refreshments.

Burger King Dollar Menu Drink Options

Sodas: With its Dollar Menu, you can also choose from a variety of carbonated drinks such as Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta.

Iced Tea: In case you are more into cold tea sips, you can order it at one of the BK stores.

Frozen Drinks: You can have a pleasing taste adventure for only a buck by buying a coke or Fanta slushy.

Coffee: Need a pick-me-up? Besides BK dollar coffee offer, you are surely going to find a friendly cost every time you go out to the coffee shop.

Milkshakes: Sip our delicious milkshakes in myriad flavors with each costing a cool dollar only.

Does Burger King serve free refills of beverages?

Yes, Burger King Drinks Menu provides free soda refills for the selected set of beverages. The customers who pick a fountain drink from the drinks machine like cola, lemonade or iced tea can have unlimited refills if they are dining in the store. 

Enjoy your meal: Get pleasure from your Burger King burger with the first drink you ordered.

Place Your Order: Proceed to the counter and place your order, which includes your choice of fountain drink.

Receive Your Cup: After ordering, your drink will be delivered in a designated cup for refills.

Enjoy your meal: Enjoy your tasty Burger King Drinks Menu meal while sipping your first beverage.

Refill at the Station: When you desire a refill, go to the self-serve beverages station and pour your beverage into your cup.

Repeat as desired: You can refill your drinks as many times as you need during your dine-in experience.


What is Burger King’s mystery Fanta drink?

Burger King’s mystery Fanta drink is an exclusive concoction, providing a delightful surprise with every sip. The enigmatic blend adds an element of excitement to your beverage experience.

Does Burger King have a value drink?

Yes, Burger King Drinks Menucaters to budget-conscious customers with a selection of value drinks, ensuring that refreshment is accessible to everyone.

Does Burger King introduce seasonal drinks?

Experience the dynamic passages through the seasons by trying out the new seasonal drink line of Burger King Drinks Menu. Talking of summer coolers and winter warmers they do have a new bunch of deliciousness for us every single time.

Is it unlimited drinks in Burger King?

Burger King won’t have for unlimited drink options but you can have free refills on some beverages. This is the ideal method to keep yourself hydrated without any flavour compromise.

In Burger King, how much is the food at the worst possible time of the day?

The time to have the cheapest meal at Burger King varies for the customers, but remember to observe for the Happy Hour Deals and Combo Meal Offers such offers to have the wallet-friendly options.

Does Burger King Appear to have any Offers on Beverages?

Yes, at times, while promoting the sale of their drinks, Burger King Drinks Menu introduces great deals like the Combo Meal Offers, Happy Hour Deals, and special offers available through the Burger King app.

As for the Burger King restaurant, is it possible to request a free soda refill?

Apart from the already affordable prices, you can have refills on selected beverages, Burger King invites you to drink to your heart’s content without having to bother with extra costs.