The Burger King dessert menu a sundae with just the right touch of sweetness, was designed to accompany their savory menu items. Burger King milkshakes One of the leading global fast-food restaurants in terms of its burgers, Burger King has included something for everyone with its range of desserts.

There is something for every type of sweet tooth on the Burger King desserts menu, from classic favorites to original creations. The introduction discusses the diversity and magnetism of the desserts served at Burger King, which are popular and different in their own right as compared to others of its like.

Best Burger King Desserts Menu

Burger King 2024 menu is well known for the delicious burgers and fries they serve, whenever you are thinking about fast food! But tucked in its menu are some unannounced dishes which cater to your sweet tooth. Creamy milkshakes warm, comforting pies we will not help you in choosing feel-good foods from our Burger King dessert menu. From guilt-free splurges to happily-ever-after meal finales, don’t skip on these sweet fixings. Below, we present you the best Burger King Dessert Menu desserts that worth your while.

Chocolate OREO Cookie Shake

An incredible union of rich, creamy chocolate and the crunchy OREO cookie morsels everyone loves that’s what people get when they sip on a Burger King Dessert Menu Chocolate OREO Cookie Shake. This delicious treat features smooth chocolate ice cream along with whole,

Price: $3.79

Burger King Dessert Menu

chunky OREO cookies for an experience that pairs a luxurious texture with rich flavor in every single bite. A truly indulgent chocolate dessert, this one has a little whipped cream on top for good measure, treat yourself!

2 Chocolate Chip Cookies

And other times it is simply just this, keeping it simple to curb that sweet tooth. Burger King Dessert Menu Chocolate Chip Cookies. Softiky and chewy cookies with melting chocolate chips.

Price: $1.19

Delicious on their own wholesome goodness or the perfect complement for coffee these cookies deliver a warmth of sweetness that can never leave your palate unsatisfied.

Chocolate Sundae

If you are a fan of the more traditional, hearty desserts out there, the Burger King Dessert Menu Chocolate Sundae is always a good shout. Creamy soft-serve ice cream covered in thick chocolate sauce that come together for a smooth yet crunchy texture of flavors.

Zebbington Crushed with a send of whipped cream and a cherry on top, It is to rejoice in the nostalgia of childhood, in small pleasures.

Hershey’s Sundae Pie

Or, for those with a sweet tooth that just wont quit, you can treat yourself to Burger King Dessert Menu Hershey’s Sundae Pie. An incredible flaky chocolate crust filled to the brim with creamy vanilla ice cream and a thick layer of Hershey’s chocolaty syrup resting on top.

Price: $1.99

This is a personal favorite for chocolate lovers everywhere as it contains a smooth sweetness combined with rich and creamy texture, making for the perfect bite every time!

Chocolate Shake

One of the classic milkshake choices for all the Shrinks and a sure thing at Burger King Dessert Menu is the Chocolate Shake. This shake is rich because it is the combination of a creamy soft-serve ice cream that wrapped in chocolate syrup for a smooth taste.

And topped with a little whipped cream on top, it has the perfect taste to cool you down and handle your craving for chocolate on a hot summer day!

Soft Serve Cup

Some times, the humblest desserts are best enjoyed alone. Well, that is literally what you get from Burger King Dessert Menu Soft Serve Cup nothing more than some creamy smooth soft serve ice cream in a cup.

Price: $1.99

Top it with chocolate sauce, or some rainbow sprinkles and this time capsule snack will put a smile on you.

Burger King Cini Minis

Cini Minis are a terrific choice for dessert, especially if you like cinnamon. These little packages of Heaven are soft, gooey and oozing with cinnamon goodness.

Price: $1.49

Dusting them in powdered sugar, and serving them warm, they are a delicious snack or dessert with a cup of coffee or enjoyed with a milkshake.

Caramel Sundae

Burger King Caramel Sundae If caramel is your flavor of choice, Burger King Dessert Menu has got you covered. Flow together the velvety soft serve along with golden caramel as it provides you that rich dessert created of Stevie Nicks bodily grown from buttery butterscotch to something a lot greater fairy-like.

Price: $1.59

Drizzled with whipped cream and a cherry, it falls like all these treats in just the right spot between overkill and contentment.

Soft Serve Cone

Burger King Sundae timeless classic, Burger King Dessert Menu serves up plain vanilla Soft Serve Cone suitable for those of you who may have too much guilt to justify the inkling for frozen milk.

Price: $1.99

This delicious treat featuring creamy soft serve ice cream in a crisp, golden cone is ideal on the go or as an after-meal indulgence.

Dutch Apple Pie

When you like fruit in your desserts, Burger King Dessert Menu offers a tasty Dutch Apple Pie. A warm and flaky pie filled with tender apples, a hint of cinnamon, all wrapped up in a buttery crust.

Price: $8

This comforting warm dessert goes so well with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream.

Strawberry Shake

Burger King Strawberry Shake a refreshing take on the classic milkshake A creamy shake that has a beautiful, vibrant pink tone and an outrageously sweet flavor profile with a mix of real strawberries and soft serve ice cream.

Price: $2.49

Featuring whipped cream in each bowl, which will be a must or optional component depending on whether you need more indulgence with your strawberries.

Hand-Spun Shake

Hand-Spun Shake by Burger King If you have a penchant to the artfully spinned milkshake, then giving Hand-Spun Shake by Burger King Dessert Menu a shot is beans. Each shake is hand spun to order with creamy soft serve ice cream and are available in the flavors chocolate, vanilla,

Price: $3.09

or strawberry. It also has a rich and smooth texture which will milt in your mouth with every bite, making it a delicious dessert that you can enjoy to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Vanilla Shake

Just as you know And often simplicity is enough to align the taste buds and resolution-icons Red berries vanilla Ice Burger King Dessert Menu Vanilla Milk Shake.

Price: $3.09

which is also only a smooth and creamy combination of vanilla soft serve ice cream, milk, and vanilla flavor. A classic dessert that is always in style, and finished with a dollop of whipped cream for good measure.

Donut Holes

Whether you like to share or to keep them all to yourself, Burger King Donut Holes are their own little sweet bite-sized treats. Inside,

Price: $1.49

they are airy and soft with a perfectly golden brown surface on the outside, dusted with a light sprinkle of powdered sugar for just that extra touch of sweetness you can never resist.

Cinnabon Minibon

Finally, there is no way we can forget about a little dessert for any of you having a cinnamon or sweet cravings as yesterday the Burger King Dessert Menu Cinnabon Mini bon!

Price: $1.99

The cinnamon rolls are basically these soft, gooey, little bombs of cinnamon flavor. Then, slathered in a cream cheese frosting that is adequate to practically swim in, they are the ultimate indulgence for any time of day.

Burger King Desserts Nutrition Details

Item NameCaloriesFatsCarbsProtein
Hershey’s Sundae Pie31019.00g32.00g3.00g
Soft Serve Cone1904.50g32.00g5.00g
Vanilla Soft Serve Cone1604.00g27.00g4.00g
OREO Cookie Cheesecake35018.00g41.00g6.00g
Soft Serve Cup1404.00g23.00g4.00g
Cinnabon Minibon Roll30011.00g45.00g6.00g
Funnel Cake Sticks With Icing30011.00g49.00g2.00g
Caramel Sundae2806.00g52.00g5.00g


What is 15 Dessert Menu of Burger King?

They have plenty of sweet treats available from their 15 Dessert Menu, including Chocolate OREO Cookie Shake, 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Sundae, Hershey’s Sundae Pie, Chocolate Shake, Soft Serve Cup, Burger King Cini Minis, Caramel Sundae, Soft Serve Cone, Dutch Apple Pie, Strawberry Shake Hand-Spun Shake Vanilla Spongebob Donut Holes and Cinnabon Minibon.

Only in certain places Can you get Burger King Deserts?

Many Burger King locations offer desserts, though these items may be less common depending on regional interest and time of year. As always, price and participation may vary (prices for the desserts aren’t listed on the obituary), so check with your local Burger King Dessert Menu for specific offerings.

Do Burger King desserts contain animal-product ingredients?

Most Burger King Dessert Menu are vegetarian as they do not contain meat or animal by-products specially crafted for this earth of course it would depend on the dessert, but most are dairy and egg free! Vegetarian customers should check the ingredient list or ask waitstaff for guidance if they have dietary concerns.

Does Burger King Have Gluten Free Dessert Options?

Burger king specifically: Gluten-Free Burger King Dessert Menu Some of their sweet treats, eg shakes and soft serve ice cream are not gluten-free as they have a risk of cross-contact during preparation. Sensitive dietary info on menu Must speak to your server If you have already had bad experiences with these issues in the past, there are better choices out there.

Is The Burger King Dessert Menu Really High Calories?

Calories in Burger King Dessert Menu contain between calories, depending on your choice of sizes. But the calories for things like shakes and pies are equivalent to an increased choice over some of the other options that are on the lighter side like soft serve cones or straight up cookies. You can generally find nutritional information for each dessert on Burger King’s website or at the restaurant itself.

Can I order desserts from Burger King online?

Burger King desserts can be ordered both in store or via the drive-thru, that is of-course depending on the location and local laws. With most Burger King locations, you can decide to add dessert when ordering online or via their mobile app.

Are Burger King desserts free from artificial flavors or preservatives?

As Burger King aims to use only the finest natural ingredients and flavors, there may be some added artisanal flavors or even artificial preservatives for preservation of frozen products. Dessert items have use of additives is optional. Guests who have certain food sensitivities can ask team members or find the full ingredient list on packaging, or at

Where can I discovered nutritional information for Burger King Confectionaries?

Nutritional information for Burger King desserts, such as calorie counts, fat content, and allergen information, is often available on the official Burger King website or from the staff in the restaurant on request. This knowledge can find itself directly in the hands of consumers, enabling of their diet, based on personal needs and aspirations.

Are there seasonal or limited-time desserts at Burger King?

Burger King is known to release special edition desserts seasonally or at limited times which means they may be available on their menu only for a few months. This usually happens with seasonal promotions for a specific holiday, and they generally have limited time flavors or ingredients. The limited-time winter desserts are available at Burger King restaurants nationwide Winter season only.